Our project began in 2021, by holding conversations and composting media that reflected an interest in craft practices, alternate futures, and reimagined pasts.

Donna Haraway’s Staying With the Trouble was a formative text for Worm School, helping shape our practice as ‘earthworm symbionts’. Our process is relational, iterative, and cyclical as we turn and crawl through the hot compost of this thick present.

We are
an artist collective with Ako Castuera, Iso Marcus, Josh Cloud, Rosie Brand and Zena Segre.
As you make your way along our string figure (by dragging or scrolling) - you can click on the nodes to find the worms.
In defining our research practice,
we took inspiration from adrienne maree brown’s words,
[Worms are] people who-

We are worms.
Are you?

‘crinkle our brows and lean away when someone starts speaking math, who fall asleep […] when attempting to read non fiction, but who get spun into wonder by the natural worlds and want to know things, who feel and know more than we can say or explain, and want to know how knowing those things can transform the ways we approach changing the world.’
-Emergent Strategy

If you would like to collaborate on a public event or exhibition please contact:
We hope to provide space for the small and crafty worms, those of you who have been muddling away in the dark, wondering how to fertilize the future.
Embracing Donna Haraway’s claim- ‘thinking is a materialist practice with other thinkers’, we offer reading discussions alongside material exercises for thinking hands.
We encourage you to bring your whole selves, all your ‘side-winding, snaky shape’ thoughts, to our compost pile.
This website functions as a directory for our members and a place to keep links to discussion materials.